Pet Sitting

Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, rabbit, guinea pig or rat (or a ferret, mouse, donkey or hamster), it can be hard to leave them when you need to travel or decide to take some well deserved holiday time. So when you do need to go away, you need to know that both your pets and your home are in good hands.


Kat is fully insured, has years of pet sitting experience, and grew up around animals, including cats, hamsters, horses, guinea pigs, ferrets, dogs, cows, sheep, ducks and chickens. She now shares her home with four rabbits, four guinea pigs and twelve rats. Kat is very familiar with all aspects of animal care, including raising youngsters and administering medication. She also holds a certificate in Animal Behaviour and Welfare from the University of Edinburgh.  Kat volunteered at the Ark Veterinary Centre and assisted with various procedures both in the surgery and out on call.


What happens when you book pet sitting?

After you have expressed your interest I will provide a quote based on the number of pets you have, whether you would like a full cage clean included in all or some visits, whether you would like your pet to be exercised during the visit, the amount of time you would like me to spend with your pet, and the number of visits you require per day. On agreement of this I will attend your home prior to your holiday to collect keys and so that you can familiarise me with your pet’s set-up and requirements. Perhaps the most important aspect of this visit is that I can introduce myself to your pet while you are around, which shows them that I am a person you consider safe and means that they will be more comfortable around me when you are gone. While you are away I will endeavour to take daily photos of your pet which can be emailed to you if you wish, and I can also text you when I have visited to reassure you that everything is ok.



There is a £13 per visit base charge*, which covers a visit of 1 hour to feed, water and exercise your pet. Alternatively there is an £8 base charge* for a half hour visit. All consultation/key collection visits are free.

* a bespoke quote will be prepared for you based on the number of pets you have, the time you would like me to spend with each pet, the number of visits you require per day (this can include visits of different lengths eg a clean out or exercise visit and then another short visit later in the day), and the number of cages/stables you require fully cleaned/mucked out. An additional plant watering service may be booked free of charge.

Please note that I normally work within a 15 mile radius, however I am delighted to discuss with you if you would like me to care for/walk your pet. Generally I will charge expenses at 20p per additional mile traveled over 10 miles, however this may be reduced depending on the exact details of your booking.

How to Pay:

Payment can be in cash at the key collection visit, or in advance via paypal to


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