The everyday service is for those people who may need extra help with their pets routine needs, for example when the owner is injured, ill, mobility impaired, busy, or just wants a little bit of extra help.

There are several services available in addition to dog walking, including puppy companion services, giving medication (eg at lunchtime if you are at work), and small animal supervision (eg giving rabbits or guinea pigs time in the garden) or cage/hutch cleaning.


Puppy Companion Services

Puppies are at a vital stage in their development, when it is important that their play and socialisation needs are met to ensure their psychological well-being.  Leaving a puppy alone all day while out at work does not meet these needs, especially if the puppy must be confined to a crate while you are out.

The puppy companion service offers single or multiple visits through the day to allow your puppy to play and be socialised.  This may include walking, time in the garden, or play with toys.  Times and duration of visits are flexible and will be decided in discussion with yourself dependent on your needs.


Medication Visits

When an animal is ill they often need to be medicated twice a day, and sometimes three times a day.  Owners often have to take time off work to medicate their pets, which means that the medication visit service can be extremely helpful as it allows owners to keep working during their animal’s illness while retaining peace of mind.  Kat is experienced medicating cats, dogs, ferrets, horses and small furries, but if you have another pet who needs medicated she is very happy to discuss this with you.


Small Animal Supervision

The small animal supervision service is offered for owners of small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets or rats, who wish their pets to have supervised out time either in the garden or in a secure area of their home.  This can either be booked as a regular service, or infrequently eg when the owner needs to work late or is away for the day.


Cage Cleaning

Sometimes time constraints, illness or other issues can mean that it is very challenging to complete regular cage cleaning.  The cage cleaning service is like having a cleaner for your pet instead of your house!  Like the small animal supervision service, this can be booked as a regular service or as an occasional service eg during a period of illness.  Cage cleaning and supervision visits can also be booked together if required.  The cage cleaning service can be invaluable as it not only gives the owner peace of mind, but can also allow pets to remain in their home when they may otherwise need to be rehomed or sent to a rescue.

What happens when you book an everyday care service?

Kat will attend your home prior to the first booked visit in order to collect keys and so that you can detail your pets set-up and requirements.


There is a £13 per visit base charge*, which covers a visit of 1 hour.  Alternatively there is an £8 base charge* for a half hour visit. All consultation/key collection visits are free.

* a bespoke quote will be prepared for you based on the number of pets you have, the time you would like me to spend with each pet, the number of visits you require per day, and the number of cages/stables you require fully cleaned/mucked out. An additional plant watering service may be booked free of charge.

Please note that I normally work within a 15 mile radius, however I am delighted to discuss with you if you would like me to care for your pet.  Generally I will charge expenses at 20p per additional mile traveled over 10 miles, however this may be reduced depending on the exact details of your booking.

How to Pay:

Payment can be in cash at the key collection visit, or in advance via paypal to  For regular bookings cash may be left for collection on a mutually agreed day.

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